What's Happening on Ranch Road

fall 2011

Yard 1 Late summer saw the completion of another major project at the mountain house, a complete re-landscaping of the front yard. Things had become a bit overgrown and unattended to over the past several years, so a refresh was needed. The project took a good part of the summer - redoing the entire irrigation system, replacing several trees, redoing the ground cover (I believe several hundred new plants were added!), and installing stone walkways throughout the entire front area. The landscaping, along with the new deck give the front of the house a greatly improved appearance.

Our visitors also seem to really approve of all the new plantings!


summer 2011

Deck 2 The new front deck project, in work for the last many months, was finally completed with the addition of a few final touches. Painting of the deck as well as all new front siding was delayed until late spring due to the unusually long 2010-2011 winter and the record snowfall. Wet winter conditions would not let go until well into May, but the painters were finally able to get down to it after a few weeks of sunny, dry weather that looked like it may never arrive.

Dry weather was also needed to finally install the stone entryway tile. After a long search, a stone with good color match, as well as good suitability to the environment was located. Though the search seemed to take forever, the installation went very quickly, being completed in only a few days.

Finally, kudos to Judy for the new exterior lighting. The custom fixtures she found from a Vermont forge are perfect. We have already received many compliments on the unique design.

Here is another shot of the completed project.  Can't wait until summer to relax on the new deck!

Deck 1